The causes behind child labor in Bangladesh

:Elegy of child labor in Bangladesh-

“The child is the father of the man”. Children should be imparted noble values and virtues so that they can grow up as good and responsible citizen of the country. It is indeed unfortunately that we find children being forced to wok in order earn their livelihood. Thus the hand should be used for play or studies are used for hard manual work. Thus a childhood is wasted, which comes once in life of a man.

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Elegy of child labor:
Child labor in Bangladesh, it is a very sympathetic also a great sorrow for us we are really unable to take necessary action against them to remove elegy of child labor. Somebody say Bangladesh is a developing country but actually our country is poor. Economic problems are a most important issue against illiteracy, poverty and etc. Which make effect to our sympathetic issue like ‘Child labor’?

The most effective area of child labors at rural even in urban area. There are many causes behind child labor:
1. Poverty-
2. Illiteracy-
3. Lacking family bond-
4. Unconscious parents about education-

Jebun Ara Geeti, Honorable Lecturer of World University of Bangladesh say: “Have you any child helper (labor) in your home? You may give him/her some sympathy, may help about study in your off time to improve the life. I know a high profile person once who was a house worker in his child hood. One day the house wife understood the child is a most meritorious boy and she time to time helps him to develop his study. One day the man has gone to abroad for higher study with a scholarship”.

They often risk their live just to keep body and soul together. So tragic is their condition that even in the childhood they victim physically and mental wreck. Their frail body suffers from many ailments. By compelling them to work in this tender age, we are destroying their future prospect and also playing with the destiny of he country.

When a family gets to in poverty, in this case the smallest member of the family being compelled to hard work. The real example is the worker of ‘Peoples Just Mills Limited, Khulna’. After the rejected notice, they had no financial support by which they fill up their living cost. Suddenly collect a job is very difficult for them. In this case the family must being compelled to hard work to support him/her father.

Illiteracy is the most important causes behind child labor in our country. For the parents and/or environment illiteracy child or parents not interested to education and the child must get to work

Some families have lacking bond in family member they are not interested about their child what’s they doing, where are they going. It may important cause behind child labor.

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The child labor’s common duty places are:
1. Agriculture sector-
2. Construction sector-
3. Industrial sector-
4. Street hawkers-
5. Vehicles; as a bus conductor, in workshop, etc-
6. Home worker-

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Individually we can help a child or give some sympathy but can not solve the problems. The government should realize the gravity of the situation and ban the child labor, making it an offence under law. But no ban can work unless we can ensure that the children are provided with food, shelter and education. This would not only bring back their childhood but also secure the future of the nation. Lieutenant General (retd.) Hossain Mohammad Ershad, when honorable president of Bangladesh was taken a project rehabilitates the slum-dwellers and created working opportunities for develop to living standard and also created education opportunities for their child. General Ershad designate to street child (Tokai) as
, it was a process to give honor to the street child as a human. Many peoples are rich in the socity and they can help to them in various way. The government should sanction more money for ‘Food for education program’. After doing all these, we can expect children enjoying their fundamental right and a child labor free in Bangladesh.