PRISM Surveillance Program and When Spying in Everybody’s Mind, Dissertation by Hatashe

PRISM is an electronic surveillance program assigned to the United States National Security Agency (NSA) since 2007. Following by the Julian Assange of WikiLeaks, the PRISM's documents leaked by Edward Snowden (29) in June 2013 describe the PRISM program as enabling in-depth surveillance on live communications and stored information, Wikipedia asserted with reference of The Guardian.

PRISM Program outline and methodology:
Barack Obama obtained permission from the Cabinet, United States Military Forces and Espionage Agencies like Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), via The Divisions of Public Safety (DPS), to start the PRISM (surveillance program). Prism will be the one kind of giant Encyclopedia of Email, Social Networking, Conversation and Image data assigned to the National Security Agency (NSA) as Wikipedia is a collaboratively edited, multilingual, free Internet encyclopedia supported by the non-profit Wikimedia Foundation. The National Security Agency (NSA) obtained permission to direct access to the systems of Google, Facebook, Apple, Phone Call and other US internet giants.

In the second phase of PRISM (PRISM II) they planned to built an Optical Device namely PRISM because the device will be like Prism (optics). Whatever word we reveal from mouth it do not exit from the world but exist with very low frequency. Scientist say, the voice frequency is remaining in the world with very low frequency but it's possible to capture the previous voice information even with its video data. PRISM Surveillance Program also targeted to build the Optical Device to track the thousand and millions years ago's voice information and to recollect it. It's like a science fiction story but PRISM Phase I targeted to build a giant encyclopedia of Email, Social Networking, and Conversation and Image data by the NSA. It was the basic Obama Plan outline and methodology of PRISM.

RT dot com from Russia revealed news that Russia ready to consider asylum for NSA whistleblower Snowden. 'If we receive such a request, we will consider it,' Kommersant daily quoted President Vladimir Putin's press secretary Dmitry Peskov as saying.
If Russia will give shelter to Edward Snowden the Ex-CIA Technician and Computer Expert should share much information with Russian Federation government and their espionage agency. They have right to expect such help from Snowden. In the other word if United States also interest to send Snowden to Russia because when He will live with them and share such information, the Russia will share much information too with Edward and Edward will have chance to observe Russia from different eyes. In normal view or general spying USA or Russia may not catch such information. So, after pack of years later when Edward Snowden will return USA, he will have giant information about Inside of Russia, as well Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS).

I do not know its USA-Russia's intelligence agency's top level decision to train up their staff(s) or one kind of experiments to observe the mass action of human behaviors. But we may expect the PRISM Surveillance Program will be operate safely and will be successful too, even not will be dangerous like Project Camelot that shut down by the congress hearing.

The Author, Raych Hatashe graduated from Harvard University in Bachelor of Military Science in Applied Psychohistory and now continuing on Master of Disaster and Human Security Management at Bangladesh University of Professionals (BUP). He is author of Prime Radiant da Luxuries Physics: Hatashe's Hypothesis and the Principle Mathematics of Applied Psychohistory, also Epic Tale writer of Banesis the Epica of Zialogy and America O Sign. He revealed Hashash-Obama Earthquake Theory with University of Illinois's Professor Dr. Youssef Hashash under his assignment 'Study of New Port Along With Military Facility in Anchorage, Alaska and Development of Hashash-Obama Earthquake Theory'.

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