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Story of Freedom by Raych Hatashe

It was about 44 years of Christ Era, New State in America, now a days it's State of New York. 

It's called simple New, because, just about 10 years ago America Mainland people discovered the island as a very potential & resourceful place. So immediately few people migrated in the New State Island. Currently which name is New York State. After America Mainland many people shifted here permanently, very soon they found this island as very living friendly. It was full of forest & bordered by sea. So they have no problem to get available foods & utilities for livelihood. People build few Communities. They established a regular sea transport service with the Mainland America's different places of presently United States, Canada, Mexico, Bahamas, Cuba, Argentina, Brazil and all others possible places. The every month several ships were go to those places with full of different animals, fish, birds, perfumes & talc powder, zinc, iron and different raw materials of many substances. Within few years New State became very important hub source of livelihood resource to the total Mainland America. Later historians estimated that approximately 10% livelihood utilities of total America Continentals were supplied from the New York State. So how rich & resourceful we're this new state in that times. 

However, a happy couple in new state, Mr. John Smith and Mrs. Rose House. They were owned to a sea port, a forest along few mountains & lakes in the forest. Besides, they also had a business of auberges, where incoming & outgoing people of new state stayed night. Many merchant ship were used they sea port too. They were young couple and very happy from all sides. 

In the years of 44 Christ Era, the 2nd month of the Aegaeon Year in America, Mrs. Rose House gave birth a wonderful baby, a girl. They named her name, Dom White because she was very beautiful & white color skin. 

Dom was growing day by days, year after year has been passed. She was learning how handle their family business, how to cultivate land & maintain forest and others properties. She pass excellent days with friends & family. Everyday she meet new new people whoever comes from Mainland America's many sides. 

Miss Dom White, most of everybody once visited their auberges, know very well about her. Dom was a pretty girl & very friendly. Shortly everybody call her Dom. She loves to listen about American folk stories that Mainland people who rent their auberges, tell her new & interesting stories, stories of Greek Deities as such Zeus, Hera, Poseidon, Apollo, etc., that how they lead the whole world. Very much she like to listen story of Zeus. She compared Zeus & favorite others to the American Deities as such God, Truth, Selfie, Rika, etc. She curious to learn Greek deity Zeus, also she know nothing about God but always she try to learn the divine deity and folklore hero. 

Dom White growth enough physically & mentally. She became 14 years old now. Very easily she is visible now to everyone, she changed and may understood her maturity & growth. 

Suddenly, oneday, a large merchant ship were arrived in a sea port of the new state island. It was Manhattan sea port. An unknown ship, unknown people, new style their dress and different food habit. Everybody of the new island surprised. Their language nobody understand. 

Who are the strangers? From where they came here? Definitely they are not from America Continentals. 

But they were quite peaceful & gentle and didn't disturb to the new state people. So nobody found them disgusting, even all are liked the strangers and became curious. 

"Our deity God sent the new strangers in the new state". Everybody told each others. 

Oneday, Dom White visited the strangers' camp. There are about 50 numbers of people in the group. She identified. There also few women came with them. 

About a month passed away, by this times they learned little the American language. 

Dom talked with a young in the strangers group. 
"My name is Neighbor York. What is your name lady?" The man asked to the Dom.
"I'm Dom. Miss Dom White." She replied. "You collect firewoods from this forest, it's our forest. And we also have a sea port, there few ship always can be found that they arrived or preparing to leave." 
"Nice to meet you Miss Dom White. I believed you are a good girl and we'll need your help." Neighbor told her. 
"My parents can help you. So when you need any help, ask my parents. You can do some business here." Dom suggested to Neighbor. 
"Off course Dom. We are new here and we can do physical work, so we expense our labors to live here." Neighbor said. 
"But how many days will stay in our island?" Dom asked. 
"I don't know Dom." He suppressed. "May be rest of my life or not." 
Lady Dom asked with tone of yawn, "But at least told me, from where you came here and why?"
"It's far away from here. Our land's name is Israel. Our King told us to go around the whole world and deliver his message and connecting relationship with rest of the world." Neighbor told her swiftly. "So our group arrived here." 
"Ok. Thank you Mr. Neighbor. I guessed, you will stay long here. So hope to meet you again." Lady Dom White leaved the base camp of the strangers group. 

By this way, more two years passed. Now Lady Dom is 16 years old girl. She loved to the Israelis man Neighbor York. 

In this two years chapter of Lady Dom's life, she heard about another Deity's namely Jehovah. She heard about Jesus Christ they also called Lord, and Son of God. Lady Dom, imagine, how it could be wonderful, is she were daughter of God - their deity. She also liked Jesus, as she liked Zeus. 

Lady Dom imagine many things, everyday, every moments. She imagine to travel Mainland America with her beloved Neighbor. Dom is 16 and Neighbor is about 33 years old. 

Often together they walk on the sea beach, sing song, and fishing together. Neighbor York love to Dom White. What kind of love it is? Exactly they don't know. But the such days are appeared their life they can't pass every single day without each of the company. There a local tradition developed in new island that every young men & girls get marry during one of their birthday or birth month. So they planned to get marry in 2nd month of the coming truth year, when Dom White will be 17 and Neighbor York will be 34 years old. 

They planned how they will get marry and to whom special they will invite in their wedding ceremony. 

"My father & uncle and my brother & cousin all are in Mainland right now for trade purpose. They purchased a ship in last year to trade with Mainland. Soon they will back and again go after a year. So after they arrive, immediately we inform them for their consent on our marriage." Dom said to Neighbor. 
"Yes. I am also thinking to inform my parents." Answered by Neighbor. 

After a month, Dom's father, uncle, brother & cousin returned from America Mainland. They had an excellent business. She created a flowers garden in the yard. Spring season arrived too. Lots of flowers are blossomed in the Dom's garden. Few birds are playing everyday on her garden ground, yard's trees, they sing, rise their voice in morning to evening. The sea wind play over her hairs. Dom like to morning walk with naked feet's on the grass. New State Island's free fresh air - she like very much, blowing air on her body, she feel it's the lovely touch of her boyfriend Neighbor York. She started to believe the American deity the God, for years after years she loved, she feel God since her childhood, God gave her Neighbor as her life partner, best gift of her life she ever found. "Oh God! How great & wonderful you are!" She give thanks to the Deity the Creator of America and the world. 

She think in night on bed, after their marry, next year Dom & Neighbor will go together to the Mainland with her father. She heard, Mainland was their first land. So she feel America Mainland in her heart. Yes she must go. She decided. 

Next morning! 
If only Dom can predict that what is going to happen. 
"Father & Mother." She take attention of her parents. 
"Yes my girl." Mother replied. "Tell us what you want to do. You know your father did huge profits in this year's business with Mainland." 
"I want to marry, mother." Dom White said. 
"We are also thinking of you, daughter." Father said. 
"But I want to marry only Neighbor, I love him." Dom said with shy. 
"You know, Dom, it's not possible. Who they are we don't know. So I can't handover you to an unknown man." Father became angry. 
"Now they are not unknown, father. They have been living for about 4 years. Now they are cityzen of the new state." Dom continuesly argue with her parents. 

Next day, it's became difficult to go out of her parents' eyes. Dom can't meet with Neighbor. But Neighbor is waiting on the sea beach to meet with her. Morning to evening. But she not came. 
"Oh! What happened to my Dom." He said himself. He worried and prayed he learned from him Israelis group. 
A full week everyday Neighbor visited sea beach, river banks, forest areas, lake & mountain sides, on one hope, if he can see Dom. 
Alash! Dom not came nor he heard anything about her. He gathered news of Dom & her family. Neighbor informed, Dom's parents block her permission to go outside. 

It was very difficult to each other to Pass a week without their meet. But now no option. Dom's life being difficult and Neighbor's too. 

Neighbor York wrote something on a piece of stone; "Free Dom". And placed the stone piece infront of Dom White's House. Neighbor took several stone piece and many wooden piece, he wrote the same thing;  "Free Dom", that's mean release the Dom, so she can move freely without bound & hesitation. 

Free Dom! Though Neighbor put a remarkable philosophy but Dom's parents make not sense on it. Indeed, the news spared quickly around the new state island that a alien York loved a New State girl but their parents are not agree on their marriage. So the York delivered the message in the whole New State Island. 

Within another week, pressure rised on the foreigners communities and to the John Smith & Rose House family too. 

Oneday very morning, Dom's parents take her in a ship heading to the Mainland America. Together they arrived in the ship and it's leaved New State Island and York, for Dom - it was forever. Dom leaved New State & York forever. But she took a piece of stone where Neighbor wrote "Free Dom". Dom carried the stone with her - her name someone wrote on the stone. She surprised and she miss to Neighbor, Dom crying. Her tears dropping to the stone's message "Free Dom". 

It is an ancient story of America where two young Lady Dom White and Gentleman Neighbor York life & love history classically developed. After that times to till now the Freedom is one of most said & used word in the world. If someone go America, most of everywhere, they will see the "Freedom" labeling; in the airport, bus & train station, office, school, college, university, signboard, billboard and most of everywhere "freedom" labeling will be found. This freedom is so desired and everybody want freedom and America is a nation of freedom Freedom of Expression, Freedom of Rights and the Boundless Freedom. 
Dr. Raych Hatashe 
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Big Deal: Microsoft's fired MSN appeared as MSNBC Cable Network and what is behind the Bing

Some people said that Microsoft's search engine MSN get down in the line of competition with Google then Microsoft tried to sustain the fired msn by creating Bing. Definitely Google did & doing great job through their all remarkable services & great products. But do you have any idea what Microsoft done with MSN? Many people may know and many are not but my eyes pointed over the MSNBC after Donald Trump's inauguration of 45th presidency, when he invited most chosen few news/media included MSNBC ( OR 

Now let you show the Microsoft's MSN Products & Services; 
✓ Manyothers in different domains in partnership with news & cable TV network companies. 

It is attractive & significant and not so small you may thinking but as former FBI Director James Comey said, "It is big deal".

According to msn, MSNBC Cable Network is one of top 100 in the world. But it may one of top 10 in world right now in the category of future generation presented now a days. 

Now, the intention of shared this information is that Do you have any idea for what's are doing Microsoft behind the 


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Immediately & emergency investigation on Obama & his administration INSTEAD Obstruction of Justice for Trump

✓ There need immediately & emergency investigation against Obama & his administration has ever done in the US history. 
✓ There lots of beneficiaries of Obama Administration are remaining in the Government & Private sector of United States, for they are trying to put just newly elected President Donald Trump under investigation instead of Obama's investigation. 
✓ But if there require any investigation, it's very urgent & mandatory to investigate on last President Barack Obama and his administration that whatever they done for why his beneficiaries are trying to hide those over keeping busy the entire US government on Trump's investigation? 
Hasanuzzaman Talukdar (HATASHE) 
International Consultant 
National Center for State Courts (NCSC) 

(NCSC Provides Trusted Leadership, Proven Solutions, Partnering for Justice, Better Courts) 
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Unappointed Spokesman Briefing: We need a stable United States BECAUSE

✓ We need a stable United States of America.
✓ Our today's source of Science, Technology, utilities of life & livelihood, and knowledge, 80% are sourced from America.
✓ America really hard working & truly innovative nation, world need a safe & scientific America.
✓ Any other country welcome to be superpower & take world's leadership but they have to come through their own invented/developed existence(s) BUT may not through the American developed existences like IT/ICT and Media Communications.
✓ Don't feel same to be staying down until you contribute your hard labors to the global development & you do significant thing. Also this world is more open. 
✓ Anyone can't follow Trump's Buy American Hire American rules because they all free to choice their choices but These tips are Nutrition for a Healthy Nation, if anynation can't follow the fundamentals I asserted in above but try to walk forward, they can't sustain in the global race for even a single day. 
Hasanuzzaman Talukdar (HATASHE) 
International Consultant 
National Center for State Courts (NCSC) 
(NCSC Provides Trusted Leadership, Proven Solutions, Partnering for Justice, Better Courts) 


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Hatashe Opinion on EDT/UX: Excise Duty Tax (Ubgare Xulko) Rates declared by Finance Minister of Bangladesh Government

Firstly I have share that present Ruling Party (RP) of our Government of Bangladesh (GoB) made few people in their opposition since the inception that they are may risky for their freedom of power exercise. So, now if they say anything reverse of GoB & their decision, because they are opposition of RP/GoB. I'm not sure that if I fallen in this category but definitely I've few problems with the RP/GoB, so always I try to be stopped say anything against RP/GoB & their decision except I attack & harass personally by RP/GoB. 

But now, such a issue has been appeared that I have to say something about it that against GoB decision. But not anything personal of my matter nor interest yet. 

Recently Finance Minister of Bangladesh Government declared the Rate of Excise Duty Tax (Ubgare Xulko) that will deducted automatically from the each & every bank users accounts' deposited money (DM) even while a bank user deposit & withdraw money. 

The EDT/UX (Ubgare Xulko) rates declared by FM/GoB are as bellow; 
✓ BDT 100,000.00 DM to BDT 10,00,000.00 DM = BDT 800.00 EDT/UX. 
✓ BDT 1 Million to BDT 10 Million = BDT 2,500.00 EDT/UX. 
✓ BDT 10 Million to BDT 50 Million = BDT 12,000.00 EDT/UX. 
✓ BDT 50 Million to BDT 50+ Million = BDT 25,000.00 EDT/UX.  

When MLM business started in Bangladesh and/or first I introduced with it during 2004-2005 we while I was studying in HSC. When I saw their business structure, firstly I said that it's not fair because a bottom line user will be failure to conduct their duties and in massive level the business will failure & known as fraud, indeed MLM was a non-productive business. But I saw many of my friends & relatives engaged into the MLM business. The MLM business was too started by highest educated & powerful people in Bangladesh. 

Now, my point is Excise Duty Tax (Ubgare Xulko). I'm not student of economics nor I studied finance but from my use of sense. I would like to share the following points: 
1. What is the benefits of Bangladesh Government to storage the Bank Users money in the Bangladesh Bank? 
a) Government will re-distribute the EDT money to the IGA & entrepreneurship purpose to the marginalised people. 
b) How is it wise planning? 
2. The EDT/UX will badly affect to the low depositor users. 
3. Is it not good plan to re-distribute the already reserved money of Bangladesh Bank to those bank users for business, industrial, agriculture or others suitable purposes INSTEAD storage of bank users local currency, local income? 

I don't say that FM/GoB are doing it intentionally to damage the Banking System but I recommend to analysis more clearly & accurately. So it's better to stay far away from the such political decision in the name of banking & finance sector development. 
Hasanuzzaman Talukdar (Hatashe) 
Individual Consultant
Asian Development Bank (ADB)
(ABD/CMS No. 116805)


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Case Study on Ex Chairman of Barovatra Government Primary School Management Committee Mr. Miron Miah and a Education Scam plus Sexual Assault Case

Mr. Miron Miah, a Senior Teacher of English Studies in Nanikhir High School located in Muksudpur upazila of Gopalganj district in Bangladesh. He born and raised in his native village Barovatra in the Nanikhir Union and also he studied in Gopalgonj & Dhaka. 

Mr. Miron Miah did different remarkable contributions in the village and the Communities' people through organized cultural & traditional activities and literature creativity practices for he is also a poet, novelist and playwright. His contributions were important reagents for social changes happened in the rural society here. 

Now he is approximately​ 50 years old and continuing teaching job after paused  (suspension) of more than 2 years during 2013-2016. In 2013, Mr. Miron Miah was also Chairman of the Barovatra Government Primary School Management Committee, from where the scam & sexual harassment been sourced for 4 years now continuing. Now the case is under Gopalgonj Court for a legal solution. 

The background of the case study occured in 2013, the Barovatra Government Primary School Managing Committee were short to recruit an Office Assistant. Few local leaders & committee members pre-selected a person for this position. But Chairman of the Managing Committee Mr. Miron Miah directly opposed their decision. So soon after few weeks later he fallen in a sexual trap, and the sexual assault case gone through the Courthouse. So how directly & openly a conspiracy has been coordinated. 

The girl was his ex student who was Secondary School Certificate (SSC) exam candidate in 2010 and stayed in his school upto 2011 then she stopped study & involved to job. But the case filed as "a teacher has gone to tutoring the girl student in her home at night and then the teacher sexually assaulted to the girl". 

Because until fully proved of the case it's very difficult to identify by the court that exactly what happened. 

In this circumstance, considering the Primary School staff recruitment scam, the two assumptions are very clear:

1. The force entry sexual assault or rape case is fully a false to make victim to the teacher base on the Barovatra Government Primary School's staff recruitment ground. 

2. A sexual assault/rape or sexual relationship has been really occurred by the teacher that was an organised conspiracy & trap conducted base on the Barovatra Government Primary School's staff recruitment ground. 

Mr. Miron Miah's this case handing by Advocate Mohiuddin Khokon (his lawyer) in the Gopalgonj (ADM) Court since 2013. Mean time the girl withdraw their two witnesses by saying that the witnesses' intention to save the teacher. Few magistrates (judges) already changed and mean-times a woman magistrate was appointed and her remarkable comment was that she asked the girl; the girl was 2010 SSC candidate and she leaved school & totally stopped study by 2012 then she joined works in garment factory & others, so why teacher had to go her house in 2013 to tutoring her? There were no suitable answer from girl's side and shortly the lady magistrate/judge also transferred. 

There a common postulate may Courts practice that Crimes Involved with Punishment, as a book should have text inside, as a newspaper should have news. 

So from the assumption no. #1, the main conspirators have to identify and have to be short of the punishment. 

From the assumption no.#2, the main conspirators have to be identify & have to be short of the punishment and if the teacher also did crime as complain filed that the sexual assault to the girl instead of being concern, so he is also subject to suffer his punishment that already as a suspect he arrested & has gone to jail, and also harassing for 4 years under the total case procedures. 

Different sources it's indicated that the conspiracy conducted from the full concern of Ex Minister Lt. Col. Faruk Khan, MP and directly by his supporters & party's local leaders. For once Mr. Faruk Khan was asked by the teacher Miron Miah; Leader (Faruk Khan), you do many developments works in your parliamentary seat's area but also may I know that why people don't like you? 

Mr. Miron Miah also depended on his lawyer that lawyer handing the case properly & lawyer know when & how whatever will have to speak & inform to the court. But being harass for 4 years, he is tired & being sick physically. Besides, he has regular school & family duties too. So his will to transfer this case to the crime branch of NSI and/or any other relevant Intelligence Agency. 

Mr. Miron Miah's expectation is not very high but he expected very logically. 

So there are a same strong recommendation may have to be delivered by the International Consultant of National Center for State Courts (NCSC) for the NCSC also is a networking organisation with the Bangladesh Supreme Court, Bangladesh High Court, Bangladesh's all Courts and Jurisdictions systems.  

Notes: Request for considering +/- 2% error in the CASE STUDY entitled "Case Study on Ex Chairman of Barovatra Government Primary School Managing Committee Mr. Miron Miah and a Education Scam plus Sexual Assault Case" has been prepared unofficially base on the FIELD WORK (not investigation) started since 2015.

Hasanuzzaman Talukdar (HATASHE) 
International Consultant 
National Center for State Courts (NCSC) 
(NCSC Provides Trusted Leadership, Proven Solutions, Partnering for Justice, Better Courts) 


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NCSC' Institute of Court Management (ICM) Certification Programs for Court Security Officers

Courthouse always belongs to the two important entities;
1) Must be accessible and
2) In centralized locations,
Because they are vulnerable to acts of random violence.

While there is no one solution to issues concerning court security, proper planning must involve collaboration with law enforcement offices, emergency agencies, and governing bodies, but also the integrity of the judicial process.

A Court & Jurisdictions Security Officer integrated with the few emergency skills including how to:
✓ Respond to an Active Shooter,
✓ Best Practices in Court Security,
✓ Judicial Threat Management,
✓ Body Language as a Communication Tool,
✓ Use of sense and much more!

Courts must have proper court security procedures, technology, personnel, and architectural features, to not only protect the safety of the people and property within and around the courts and Jurisdictions.

Source: Court Security Officer Training, National Center for State Courts (NCSC) | Institute of Court Management Certification Programs (


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Story of King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz and President Barack Obama

King Abdullah: Listen Mr. Obama, I gave too much efforts behind you elected as President of United States. You never had ability to be even a white house staff.
Barack Obama: Yes, I know that Sire (সায়ার) that why I came here to visit you and know your willing. 
Abdullah: First you make administrative change inside US Government which will Saudi Arabia pro. Second is that you have an assignment to make down Libya & Gaddafi. No longer I wanna see him. 
Obama: I will do everything as your guidance but USA is already tired for Iraq & Afghanistan war that was also your task for America. 
Abdullah: Don't forget Mr. Obama, Saudi Arabia paid very high standard figure for the total war expenses. We paid $5 Trillion dollars for US & your allies. Now if you want not fight for Libya, the it's your choice, I will offer Russia or others to be our partner. But if you want, so please give me your Libya war budget.
Obama: Ok, King, I have to talk my Defense Secretary, Advisers, Commission Chairman and relevant others for the budget estimate & war planning. But you also try to take Muslim countries under control. I think, we have to change Libya war policy so it's estimate will double to triple than Iraq war.
Abdullah: Don't anxious about war costing, KSA is capable to pay any figure you demand, you know that Mr. Obama. Including, you are free to sieze all resources, gas & oil and others to take your country. 
Obama: Yes Sire. How long time you expect to get down Gaddafi? 1 Week, or 2 week or a month? 
Abdullah: As soon as possible by ensuring keeping me & KSA safe & hide. 
Obama: OK King. We agreed. 


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Microstory of Mafia & St. and Gangsters & Co., By Raych Hatashe

As I said my morals are Crime Never Best, Crime Never Success, Crime Never Sexy, Crime Never Experiment, Crime Perish Life, Crime Make Living Death, Crime Never Win. But always GoB has been trying to present me as a criminal. The reason only I'm not a AL and I have arms training while I was in Navy and indeed each & every military retired persons are skilled on arms operations. I resigned from Navy through legal procedure but not by conducting any crime nor ran away. I am working hard, struggling hard to survive and to reach a standard professional career. By this time, my 11 years working experience achieved & 12 continuing. I am looking for a permanent & regular settlement of job. But again and again still it's interrupt due to lack of accountabilities & don't follow the job protection law. That the law implementation responsibilities bound to the government. And I' not a source of hunting the underworld epics, mafia staffs and gangsters. I have no connection to any of them, I don't have involvement to any crimes or illegal activities. But also I'm being victim continuesly. Once I tried for several business too but I can't due to the lack of investment and decided to continuestion of doing professional job. But the situation everytimes​ make me vulnerable & shelterless. So finally I've taken the credentials of the Underworld Mafia Gangsters and open my company The Mafia States and Gangsters Company Limited with the combination of two different brands namely Gangsters & Co. and Mafia & St., and the company slogan is "Uncover the Underworld Life". But it's non of relevant to the crimes and criminal activities but to present the prosperities of secret of successful & happier life, and the original underworld's crimes & criminals trace will not be exist in the entireworld the planet Earth Atlantis for why I have been targeted object by the government & their agencies of law enforcement, military, espionages & etc. So all the credentials of the Underworld Mafia Gangsters willingly I accepted upon me through creating the company The Mafia States & Gangsters Co. Ltd. My company and it's two different brands & services will address the Underworld, Mafia, Gangsters and those are very innocent words and anyone belonging to the terminologies will no longer indicate as criminal nor their activities are any crimes. But the words Underworld, Mafia and Gangsters are everlasting symbols of hard-works, successful & happier life, secrecy of prosperous, and remarkable example of best persons in the society forever. So know the great philosophy, knowledge and wisdom of mafia; apply the mafia states into the underworld of your life & livelihood; and by the uncovered the underworld of life be a gangster. 
Hatashe Ri Seldon 
Founder CEO 
The Mafia States and Gangsters Co., Ltd.


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INRI (fullsong): Jesus Nazarenus Rex; A Deo Rex, a rege lex. Jesus Christ.

INRI: Jesus Nazarenus Rex; A Deo Rex, a rege lex. Jesus Christ.

Audio at Sound Cloud: 

Jesus Nazarenus Rex; A Deo Rex, a rege lex.

In the beginning God created Jesus Rex.

In him was life and lux, forever, over all creation. God created heaven and earth than life and human.

Iesus Nazarenus Rex; A Deo Rex, a rege lex. First God created Jesus Rex, in him is life and lux.

Love each others, worship God and rule over all living. God created Jesus Rex in the beginning. 

Worship God because Jesus crucified for mankind's sin. Jesus rise after death than taken up to heaven.

Be holy through water and baptize by the words of sprite.
Worship God,Jesus is greater than us-living water the Rhine.

Jesus Nazarenus Rex. I'm in love with the shape of you Jesus Christ!

Jesus Nazarenus Rex; A Deo Rex, a rege lex. Jesus Christ.