Microstory of Mafia & St. and Gangsters & Co., By Raych Hatashe

As I said my morals are Crime Never Best, Crime Never Success, Crime Never Sexy, Crime Never Experiment, Crime Perish Life, Crime Make Living Death, Crime Never Win. But always GoB has been trying to present me as a criminal. The reason only I'm not a AL and I have arms training while I was in Navy and indeed each & every military retired persons are skilled on arms operations. I resigned from Navy through legal procedure but not by conducting any crime nor ran away. I am working hard, struggling hard to survive and to reach a standard professional career. By this time, my 11 years working experience achieved & 12 continuing. I am looking for a permanent & regular settlement of job. But again and again still it's interrupt due to lack of accountabilities & don't follow the job protection law. That the law implementation responsibilities bound to the government. And I' not a source of hunting the underworld epics, mafia staffs and gangsters. I have no connection to any of them, I don't have involvement to any crimes or illegal activities. But also I'm being victim continuesly. Once I tried for several business too but I can't due to the lack of investment and decided to continuestion of doing professional job. But the situation everytimes​ make me vulnerable & shelterless. So finally I've taken the credentials of the Underworld Mafia Gangsters and open my company The Mafia States and Gangsters Company Limited with the combination of two different brands namely Gangsters & Co. and Mafia & St., and the company slogan is "Uncover the Underworld Life". But it's non of relevant to the crimes and criminal activities but to present the prosperities of secret of successful & happier life, and the original underworld's crimes & criminals trace will not be exist in the entireworld the planet Earth Atlantis for why I have been targeted object by the government & their agencies of law enforcement, military, espionages & etc. So all the credentials of the Underworld Mafia Gangsters willingly I accepted upon me through creating the company The Mafia States & Gangsters Co. Ltd. My company and it's two different brands & services will address the Underworld, Mafia, Gangsters and those are very innocent words and anyone belonging to the terminologies will no longer indicate as criminal nor their activities are any crimes. But the words Underworld, Mafia and Gangsters are everlasting symbols of hard-works, successful & happier life, secrecy of prosperous, and remarkable example of best persons in the society forever. So know the great philosophy, knowledge and wisdom of mafia; apply the mafia states into the underworld of your life & livelihood; and by the uncovered the underworld of life be a gangster. 
Hatashe Ri Seldon 
Founder CEO 
The Mafia States and Gangsters Co., Ltd.