Case Study on Ex Chairman of Barovatra Government Primary School Management Committee Mr. Miron Miah and a Education Scam plus Sexual Assault Case

Mr. Miron Miah, a Senior Teacher of English Studies in Nanikhir High School located in Muksudpur upazila of Gopalganj district in Bangladesh. He born and raised in his native village Barovatra in the Nanikhir Union and also he studied in Gopalgonj & Dhaka. 

Mr. Miron Miah did different remarkable contributions in the village and the Communities' people through organized cultural & traditional activities and literature creativity practices for he is also a poet, novelist and playwright. His contributions were important reagents for social changes happened in the rural society here. 

Now he is approximately​ 50 years old and continuing teaching job after paused  (suspension) of more than 2 years during 2013-2016. In 2013, Mr. Miron Miah was also Chairman of the Barovatra Government Primary School Management Committee, from where the scam & sexual harassment been sourced for 4 years now continuing. Now the case is under Gopalgonj Court for a legal solution. 

The background of the case study occured in 2013, the Barovatra Government Primary School Managing Committee were short to recruit an Office Assistant. Few local leaders & committee members pre-selected a person for this position. But Chairman of the Managing Committee Mr. Miron Miah directly opposed their decision. So soon after few weeks later he fallen in a sexual trap, and the sexual assault case gone through the Courthouse. So how directly & openly a conspiracy has been coordinated. 

The girl was his ex student who was Secondary School Certificate (SSC) exam candidate in 2010 and stayed in his school upto 2011 then she stopped study & involved to job. But the case filed as "a teacher has gone to tutoring the girl student in her home at night and then the teacher sexually assaulted to the girl". 

Because until fully proved of the case it's very difficult to identify by the court that exactly what happened. 

In this circumstance, considering the Primary School staff recruitment scam, the two assumptions are very clear:

1. The force entry sexual assault or rape case is fully a false to make victim to the teacher base on the Barovatra Government Primary School's staff recruitment ground. 

2. A sexual assault/rape or sexual relationship has been really occurred by the teacher that was an organised conspiracy & trap conducted base on the Barovatra Government Primary School's staff recruitment ground. 

Mr. Miron Miah's this case handing by Advocate Mohiuddin Khokon (his lawyer) in the Gopalgonj (ADM) Court since 2013. Mean time the girl withdraw their two witnesses by saying that the witnesses' intention to save the teacher. Few magistrates (judges) already changed and mean-times a woman magistrate was appointed and her remarkable comment was that she asked the girl; the girl was 2010 SSC candidate and she leaved school & totally stopped study by 2012 then she joined works in garment factory & others, so why teacher had to go her house in 2013 to tutoring her? There were no suitable answer from girl's side and shortly the lady magistrate/judge also transferred. 

There a common postulate may Courts practice that Crimes Involved with Punishment, as a book should have text inside, as a newspaper should have news. 

So from the assumption no. #1, the main conspirators have to identify and have to be short of the punishment. 

From the assumption no.#2, the main conspirators have to be identify & have to be short of the punishment and if the teacher also did crime as complain filed that the sexual assault to the girl instead of being concern, so he is also subject to suffer his punishment that already as a suspect he arrested & has gone to jail, and also harassing for 4 years under the total case procedures. 

Different sources it's indicated that the conspiracy conducted from the full concern of Ex Minister Lt. Col. Faruk Khan, MP and directly by his supporters & party's local leaders. For once Mr. Faruk Khan was asked by the teacher Miron Miah; Leader (Faruk Khan), you do many developments works in your parliamentary seat's area but also may I know that why people don't like you? 

Mr. Miron Miah also depended on his lawyer that lawyer handing the case properly & lawyer know when & how whatever will have to speak & inform to the court. But being harass for 4 years, he is tired & being sick physically. Besides, he has regular school & family duties too. So his will to transfer this case to the crime branch of NSI and/or any other relevant Intelligence Agency. 

Mr. Miron Miah's expectation is not very high but he expected very logically. 

So there are a same strong recommendation may have to be delivered by the International Consultant of National Center for State Courts (NCSC) for the NCSC also is a networking organisation with the Bangladesh Supreme Court, Bangladesh High Court, Bangladesh's all Courts and Jurisdictions systems.  

Notes: Request for considering +/- 2% error in the CASE STUDY entitled "Case Study on Ex Chairman of Barovatra Government Primary School Managing Committee Mr. Miron Miah and a Education Scam plus Sexual Assault Case" has been prepared unofficially base on the FIELD WORK (not investigation) started since 2015.

Hasanuzzaman Talukdar (HATASHE) 
International Consultant 
National Center for State Courts (NCSC) 
(NCSC Provides Trusted Leadership, Proven Solutions, Partnering for Justice, Better Courts)