Story of King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz and President Barack Obama

King Abdullah: Listen Mr. Obama, I gave too much efforts behind you elected as President of United States. You never had ability to be even a white house staff.
Barack Obama: Yes, I know that Sire (সায়ার) that why I came here to visit you and know your willing. 
Abdullah: First you make administrative change inside US Government which will Saudi Arabia pro. Second is that you have an assignment to make down Libya & Gaddafi. No longer I wanna see him. 
Obama: I will do everything as your guidance but USA is already tired for Iraq & Afghanistan war that was also your task for America. 
Abdullah: Don't forget Mr. Obama, Saudi Arabia paid very high standard figure for the total war expenses. We paid $5 Trillion dollars for US & your allies. Now if you want not fight for Libya, the it's your choice, I will offer Russia or others to be our partner. But if you want, so please give me your Libya war budget.
Obama: Ok, King, I have to talk my Defense Secretary, Advisers, Commission Chairman and relevant others for the budget estimate & war planning. But you also try to take Muslim countries under control. I think, we have to change Libya war policy so it's estimate will double to triple than Iraq war.
Abdullah: Don't anxious about war costing, KSA is capable to pay any figure you demand, you know that Mr. Obama. Including, you are free to sieze all resources, gas & oil and others to take your country. 
Obama: Yes Sire. How long time you expect to get down Gaddafi? 1 Week, or 2 week or a month? 
Abdullah: As soon as possible by ensuring keeping me & KSA safe & hide. 
Obama: OK King. We agreed.