Hatashe Opinion on EDT/UX: Excise Duty Tax (Ubgare Xulko) Rates declared by Finance Minister of Bangladesh Government

Firstly I have share that present Ruling Party (RP) of our Government of Bangladesh (GoB) made few people in their opposition since the inception that they are may risky for their freedom of power exercise. So, now if they say anything reverse of GoB & their decision, because they are opposition of RP/GoB. I'm not sure that if I fallen in this category but definitely I've few problems with the RP/GoB, so always I try to be stopped say anything against RP/GoB & their decision except I attack & harass personally by RP/GoB. 

But now, such a issue has been appeared that I have to say something about it that against GoB decision. But not anything personal of my matter nor interest yet. 

Recently Finance Minister of Bangladesh Government declared the Rate of Excise Duty Tax (Ubgare Xulko) that will deducted automatically from the each & every bank users accounts' deposited money (DM) even while a bank user deposit & withdraw money. 

The EDT/UX (Ubgare Xulko) rates declared by FM/GoB are as bellow; 
✓ BDT 100,000.00 DM to BDT 10,00,000.00 DM = BDT 800.00 EDT/UX. 
✓ BDT 1 Million to BDT 10 Million = BDT 2,500.00 EDT/UX. 
✓ BDT 10 Million to BDT 50 Million = BDT 12,000.00 EDT/UX. 
✓ BDT 50 Million to BDT 50+ Million = BDT 25,000.00 EDT/UX.  

When MLM business started in Bangladesh and/or first I introduced with it during 2004-2005 we while I was studying in HSC. When I saw their business structure, firstly I said that it's not fair because a bottom line user will be failure to conduct their duties and in massive level the business will failure & known as fraud, indeed MLM was a non-productive business. But I saw many of my friends & relatives engaged into the MLM business. The MLM business was too started by highest educated & powerful people in Bangladesh. 

Now, my point is Excise Duty Tax (Ubgare Xulko). I'm not student of economics nor I studied finance but from my use of sense. I would like to share the following points: 
1. What is the benefits of Bangladesh Government to storage the Bank Users money in the Bangladesh Bank? 
a) Government will re-distribute the EDT money to the IGA & entrepreneurship purpose to the marginalised people. 
b) How is it wise planning? 
2. The EDT/UX will badly affect to the low depositor users. 
3. Is it not good plan to re-distribute the already reserved money of Bangladesh Bank to those bank users for business, industrial, agriculture or others suitable purposes INSTEAD storage of bank users local currency, local income? 

I don't say that FM/GoB are doing it intentionally to damage the Banking System but I recommend to analysis more clearly & accurately. So it's better to stay far away from the such political decision in the name of banking & finance sector development. 
Hasanuzzaman Talukdar (Hatashe) 
Individual Consultant
Asian Development Bank (ADB)
(ABD/CMS No. 116805)