Immediately & emergency investigation on Obama & his administration INSTEAD Obstruction of Justice for Trump

✓ There need immediately & emergency investigation against Obama & his administration has ever done in the US history. 
✓ There lots of beneficiaries of Obama Administration are remaining in the Government & Private sector of United States, for they are trying to put just newly elected President Donald Trump under investigation instead of Obama's investigation. 
✓ But if there require any investigation, it's very urgent & mandatory to investigate on last President Barack Obama and his administration that whatever they done for why his beneficiaries are trying to hide those over keeping busy the entire US government on Trump's investigation? 
Hasanuzzaman Talukdar (HATASHE) 
International Consultant 
National Center for State Courts (NCSC) 

(NCSC Provides Trusted Leadership, Proven Solutions, Partnering for Justice, Better Courts)