Unappointed Spokesman Briefing: We need a stable United States BECAUSE

✓ We need a stable United States of America.
✓ Our today's source of Science, Technology, utilities of life & livelihood, and knowledge, 80% are sourced from America.
✓ America really hard working & truly innovative nation, world need a safe & scientific America.
✓ Any other country welcome to be superpower & take world's leadership but they have to come through their own invented/developed existence(s) BUT may not through the American developed existences like IT/ICT and Media Communications.
✓ Don't feel same to be staying down until you contribute your hard labors to the global development & you do significant thing. Also this world is more open. 
✓ Anyone can't follow Trump's Buy American Hire American rules because they all free to choice their choices but These tips are Nutrition for a Healthy Nation, if anynation can't follow the fundamentals I asserted in above but try to walk forward, they can't sustain in the global race for even a single day. 
Hasanuzzaman Talukdar (HATASHE) 
International Consultant 
National Center for State Courts (NCSC) 
(NCSC Provides Trusted Leadership, Proven Solutions, Partnering for Justice, Better Courts)