Composed Race: The Created Race of Fire, Water, Air, Soil, Metal, Digit, Elastic & Imagine by Raych Hatashe

It is the story of 4 Elements and 4 Sentients that they were created by the elements respectively. 

Fire, Water, Air, Soil - the 4 great elements of nature has been ever created in the Universes uniquely with maximum potential energy & force. 

Jain, Amoeba, Daesh, Human - the 4 great sentients of creation uniquely with thinking abilities in the Universes with maximum exercise of talented & knowledge. 

Jain made by fire, flame of smokeless fire.
Amoeba made by water, boiled & steamed fluid water of distilled. 
Daesh made by air, pressurized oxygen & gases of air. 
Human made by soil, soft clay of grainy soil. 

In the beginning the 4 Sentients already exist. Human & Jain directly created by Deity of the Creation, for Human & Jain called him God. God created human in his own images, God created male & female human.
1st Amoeba created by the wave technology of indoor ocean. It was created just only for few second and created Amoeba delivered a message to the Universes. "Thanks to my Creator, the Lord of the Water and all life. Water has life."
Daesh is completely invisible creation, no one can see them but as same completely feel when they come around. Jain & Amoeba are also can be invisible and feel like them. So invisible Jain & Amoeba can't be identify sometimes that is it daesh or them. Later human also invented technology of being invisible. But no Human nor Jain & Amoeba can't discover techniques to defeats daesh. 

When the story described there few more sentients joined to the created race ever produced in the creations like; Robot, made by metal; Digit, made by number; Terminator, made by elasticity of substances; Dreamer, made by the Imagine.

So now our story & created history has begun.