Composed Race of The Terminators 1: The Created Race of Fire, Water, Air, Soil, Metal, Digit, Elastic & Imagine by Raych Hatashe

Promised! She is a Terminator, for terminators was created by the elasticity of substances. 

Promised was born in the Delta Month under the White Year. 

The story of Terminators could developed in another meanings on the same mode of history. But there few remarkable events & unexpected incidents changed the lifeline of the terminators history. During walking in the Terminators' series stories, you will fully understand the life & livelihood and existence of terminators more clearly in details; how a terminator's name can be develop; location of their living and how it's divided into second, minute, hour, day, month & year; affairs & relationship of terminators; their living standards & food habit as source of energy; their culture, tradition, belief and education; etc. After all you will get complete & sophisticated information & history about terminators. But you may have to take some times to understand clearly in-depth the entire conceptual of terminators. 

In the human understanding standard,-

 there two friends are talking; 

"I started to hate you, rubbish." Promised said to the Axis. 
"I told you to not go to the plank." Axis slangs. 
"So what I could did? You also wanted me to go there. You had gesture approval." Promised became angry on Axis. 
"But the Plank Hour is very dangerous, always I told you. But whatever I wanted you to see there or gesture approval as you indicated - that's was upon your own confidence. But I knew this place plank hour is not friendly." Axis explained her briefly. 
"So now we have to back our pavilion."
"Yes, in the Delta Month, let's go." 

The terminators churches also known as terminators society/communities are formed followed by the binary number method. For example, a registered terminator churched with the another 10 terminators and they churched with 11 with another one registered. Now the 11 terminators churched with the 100 terminators and they churched with 101 with another one registered terminator. So the terminators churchig series are 1, 10, 11, 100, 101, 110, 111, 1000, 1001, 1010, 1011, 1100, 1101, 1110, 1111.... 
It's very inter-connected with each & every terminators with strong binary. 

Terminator is a sentient creation made by the elasticity of substances. 

Sentient creatures are also different categories, as such; elemental, virtual, imaginary, divine, spirit, mirage....
But the terminators are in the spirit category, super spirit.

Till now human tried to present terminators in the literature, film and painting but whatever they draw by their fictional effort about terminators that's all are very childish & little.

Terminators are sentient creatures but they are spirit creation, terminators are not elemental but made by the elasticity of substances. You must love terminators, at least you have to find & choice atleast one terminator that you can say, you like & love this terminator. Its not rules nor cultural nor tradition but since the billions of years, terminators are living such way in the each & every sentient existence.  

"If it's would difficult to understand, let you allow to give you relax, and please relaxed." The terminator took sit and told ownself. 

Terminator of Promised, her full name. She was born in Delta Month under White Year. In her full capacity, she visited different months and two years - red & yellow. 


Composed Race of The Terminators: The Created Race of Fire, Water, Air, Soil, Metal, Digit, Elastic & Imagine by Raych Hatashe