Composed Race of The Terminators 2: The Created Race of Fire, Water, Air, Soil, Metal, Digit, Elastic & Imagine by Raych Hatashe


Terminator of Black. He was twin born with Promised in Delta Month under White Year. 

Once the Black visited terrestrial planet Mars Summit in Sun Solar System under Milkyway Galaxy. It was a historical education visit organized by Delta Month Administrative authority. 

In the planet, Black met & introduced with the source of existence of the mars' liquid system, an Amoeba, Sharpens. Amoeba of Sharpens. Specially sharpens is focused existence of milk liquid, she is existence beauty, kindness & love of water. Sharpens is single & unique creation but collective creature of amoeba civilization.

In the planet mars, terminator Black is walking between North and South Polar Ice Caps, where a liquid water channel passes through. Very much Black is missing his sister Promised with whom he was twin born in the White Year. They sibling developed an excellent faith and confidence & respect, they share everything each others. But now Black is alone here in the Mars. It is first time they separated for long distance journey and for long times too. 

This Mars journey was a great turning point for Black's life. He is going to introduce his lifelong consort and more accurately - perfect half.

Black walking on the bank of north-south caps, his eyes captured that a very young girl are trying to do something in the water channel, she is working very hard but may not success. 

Black came near to the girl. 
"Hi, what are you doing here?" 
The girl surprised and asked, "Who are you and how you arrived here? It's very restricted area, please go quickly." 
"I'm a Terminator, came from White Year to visit the Milkyway Galaxy, and our first landing is here Mars Summit." Black told loudly. 
Girl get closed towards the Black and said "You may don't know the planet is only for Amoeba creatures. Even Human, Jainn, Robot, Daesh nor digit came here yet." 
"Please tell me your name." Black asked. 
"I'm Amoeba of Sharpens, I'm single & unique but a collective creation, made by water - boiled & steamed fluid water of distilled." Lady Sharpens told him clearly. 

In the planet Mars, there few water exist only here in the north-south caps. She has been trying to streaming water across the planet mars. "I created those water in the caps by crore years of giving hard labor." 
"Why you creating water here Sharpens?" Black asked. 
"It's my assignment, my work." Again with a tone of frustration she said, "but after creation & availabilities of water in mars, human will come here and build their civilization. Than I'll have to move another." 
Black asked; "But do you really want to do that - create available water across the Mars?" 
"Yes." Sharpens feel pleasure. "Really I want to create available water everywhere across the Mars. I want to finish my assignment as soon as possible. Because after finished my task of create available water in mars, I can go to vacation for long times included my remaining times of assignment duration." 
"If I can help you to complete your task soon?" Terminator Black asked to Sharpens. 
Sharpens smiled very sweetly. Waters in north-south caps responses her pleasure with fluxing tides & designed waves. The water created a liquid sculptor's chisel of Sharpens in the channel. Together they have seen it. Sharpens said; "Creating available water across the terrestrial planet Mars Summit is my sixty crore years assignment but half of times already passed and I was just able to created some water here between North and South Caps. After finished my task, I will get thirty three thousand years vacation times. But if I can complete my work by earlier of my assigned 60 crore years, the balanced years will be added into my leisure period account."
"I also can help you Lady Sharpens." Terminator Black offered to his future consort. 
Sharpens very stranged; "Really!" She said again; "If someone can help me to finish my work earlier, truly I'll dedicate my juvenile of vacation period to him - extreme kindness, beauty and love of liquid water."

Together they visited Mars' moon's the Phobos and Deimos. Black said, "We'll complete the assignment through our hard work and creating available love & affection here too." 

"Sometimes its painful to me, Black" Sharpens said. 
"Don't fear dear, I know how to work properly. You will not disappoint to work with me. I'll help you to complete your task very soon. We will have long-term vacation to travel the universe and enjoy our combined life." 
"We will go earth, once where I worked." Sharpens proposed. 
"Off course, we will go to earth." Black accepted her offer. 

By this way more one crore years has gone, thirty one crore years of Sharpens' assignment. Their work has finished. The available water are remaining across the Mars planet. 

"Where I can find another one like you?" Sharpens asked to Black.
"You have to go black hole to find my another one." Black replied. 

Sharpens assigned task is finished. So now it's her leisure time for very long times. Sharpens with Black flyed towards the open Universes to travel the universe to Universes. 29 crore years plus 33 thousand years their total vacation period. It's very long time to enjoy life and the entire creation. 

Together they are flying out the universes. Sharpens asked to Black; "What is Black Hole?" 
"There only two Blacks in the entire creations included all the Universes, One Black is me the Terminator of Black was born in Delta Month under White Year, and another Black is Black Hole, which is a region of spacetimes in Universes with strong gravitational effects that eat everything like planet, star, galaxy and all things vanish inside black-hole, and even nothing—not even any particles & electromagnetic radiation such as light—can escape from inside the Black Hole!"

"Are you came from here?" Sharpens asked. 
"Yes, we are terminators. Terminators' origin are from the Black Hole and terminator made by the elasticity of substances." Said Terminator of Black. 


Composed Race of The Terminators: The Created Race of Fire, Water, Air, Soil, Metal, Digit, Elastic & Imagine by Raych Hatashe