Composed Race of The Terminators 3 & 4: The Created Race of Fire, Water, Air, Soil, Metal, Digit, Elastic & Imagine by Raych Hatashe

"I want to be a black." Sharpens said to the Terminator of Black. 
"But you know there only two blacks are existed in the entire creations." Terminator Black replied.
Together they travel all universes and other states of the sentient existences.
The Dream Universe, Virtual Realities and World of Imagination. Those all are in different states, different segments and different layers from each & every others.
Terminator Black told to Sharpens about two blacks; Terminator Black himself and galactic object the Black Hole.

Black told to her that There only two Blacks in the entire creations. One Black is he-himself Terminator Black who was born in Delta Month under White Year, and another Black is Black Hole, which is a region of space-times in Universes with strong gravitational effects that eat everything like planet, star, galaxy and all things vanish inside black-hole, and even nothing—not even any particles & electromagnetic radiation such as light—can escape from inside the Black Hole!
In the terminators generations, all they have came to know, The Black Holes are their source of life & livelihood. They live in the dark-site region and dark-time spaces. Terminators are different from all others creation, even all the creatures are different from each others. 

So The Black Holes are source of the terminators' life.
"I and the Black Hole are same, Sharpens." Terminator Black said. 
"We are unique creature along with the darkness." He added with his said words.  

"But I am?" Asked Sharpens. " I am created from the water - boiled & steamed fluid water of distilled. So we are Amoeba creature. Amoeba means Life of Water, Made by Water and the Sentient of Water."
"Until you regenerate yourself with the contribution of darkness, can't be a black." Terminator Black guided her a little bit to how she can be a black.
"Yes, I want to be a black like you, terminator." Sharpens yawn.
"The darkness is the source of galactic energies. Black Hole can give birth to Planets, Stars,Galaxies and others universal objects." He explained to the Sharpens.

Galaxia, native of the terminator.
Galaxia is largest unique space region in the universal coordinates. 
The Galaxia contain several numbers of galaxies and nebulas. Each of the galaxy contain millions to billions of stars along with planets under each of star's solar system. And nebula is interstellar cloud giant of dust, hydrogen, helium and other ionized gases & galactic satellite objects. The formation of the Galaxia should remain with the Black Holes, the home of the terminators.

"Jainn generations can live in the nebulla, but normally we don't live in nebulla, our home is Black Hole and the Galaxia is our native." Terminator Black say.
Amoeba of Sharpens who wanted to be a black. Now she is in a black hole, which is the home of Terminator Black.
Everyone in the galaxia know her as Blacky Sharpens, lover of Terminator Black.  His twin sister Terminator Promised and their family accepted Sharpens very friendly. First they called her Blacky, Blacky Sharpens, Amoeba of Blacky Sharpens.
In her mentallic value of understanding, its appeared to the Blacky Amoeba that the light or darkness are nothing matter to the Terminators Generations. Because light or darkness are functioning in the photoreceptors eye/visual system towards the optical fiber of nerve system connected to the signal enabling brain pattern. But terminators are not functioning in the darkness neither lightness. So normally average level's terminators don't know carefully about the function of light or darkness, but in their academic studies & research work, light and darkness are very big deal.
Terminators can see, feel, share, everything using their signal enabling brain & skin pattern. Even they can use and apply their mental force to control the natural follow and other creatures' brain to diversion of command. But terminators can see as Amoeba of Sharpens Blacky is.
In the Planet of Mars Summit in Milkyway Galaxy, they met for first time, when she was working in the north-south caps to creating available water in the planet.
Sharpens remembered her past life before 60 crore years assignment of creating water in planet Mars Summit, from where she came from? 


Composed Race of The Terminators: The Created Race of Fire, Water, Air, Soil, Metal, Digit, Elastic & Imagine by Raych Hatashe