Foundation and Development (FND#03)

The democratic dictator's government also have the elective community modules in each of the States of Federal Republic. Actually states main source of the power deprived from the community functions. Collectively it's very strengthen. The federal power holds by the community circles. Community level administrative process activated by elective federal government instead of democratic process of dictatorship, and communities & circle practice elective federation. Different numbers of communities form a circle and circles also under control of Supreme Command of the Democrat. The circle identified by mathematical numbers. The  elected community president is lowest administrator of the state but each of circle head called Circuit represent the Federal Council of Honorable Democrat. 

Again, all Circuit also member of State Navy for Community Welfare Services which are divided into different ranges.

In the ancient days of Galactic Era and Foundation Era, many greatest literatures produced on Great Communism, Great Socialism but also it was not well sustained in the Consortium Galaxia infront the face of hardcore Democracy. Now Development Era in the Consortium rules by the Democracy. Democracy also became great again in the regime of the Democrats. Democrat is the Duty Custodian of Democracy? Democracy involved all practice of politics. Democracy hostage people, Democracy kill people, Democracy's representative is a political junta entitled Democrat, the ruler of the States of Federal Republic. Democracy produce fear & terrorism and instability. Democracy is alternate form of a state's capital punishment. Do we want Democracy? It is the real situation of true Democracy.  

To be continued [...] 

Foundation and Development by Hatashe 


Foundation and Development (FND#02)

Foundation, combination of entire creations, whole universes, all earth & life and nature & environment. Psychohistorian Ricina defined Foundation. 

Triplex Universe. In this universe, there has a Consortium Galaxia, under this Galaxia, a Federal Republic rule by a political junta over a couple of decades. The ruler of the republic entitled as Democrat which is highest order of dictatorship. Democrat is the supreme leader of the Federal Republic states. When a junta take the states' power he withdraw his name but officially recognized as the Democrat only. Everybody know the Democrat for the glory of states. 

"Honorable Democrat, The States of Federal Republic under your supreme command. The many state planets in the galaxia already violated the Democrat Command. So we had to take immediate action against them and resultant was at least 9 nos. of States' Governors found death during the civil war. Finally the situation taken under your control and the your Democratship restored in 11 nos. of violated states in the Federal Republic." Chairman of Joint Command of the Galaxia Navy briefed his short report to the Democrat. 

"The States of Federal Republic didn't build in a day, Mr. Chairman. Me, you & everybody know the history of became great again States. My father, my grandfather and their previous generations formed the collective States of Federal Republic by very high cost. In the beginning the Founding Democrats made the States as great indeed but the greatship lost for many decades. Now again we raised in power in the galaxia, so it was my first duty to restore the greatship, to Make the States of Federal Republic Great Again and establish supreme dictatorship of the Democrat." Honorable Democrat said to the Naval Chairman. 

After a while, Democrat say, "but the incident of 9/11 was very unexpected, the States will remember 9/11 forever. Since the States established nothing like this happened, Mr. Chairman. So my message is very clear for all; If anyone would unable to perform their duties and responsibilities, why I may need him? I know, you will ask for kindness. But with kindness, you can feed to a hunger man, you may donate to an orphanage welfare trust, but should not assign anyone to responsible duties whichever involved with highest degree of security. So I want you must resign now and shutdown our friendship. Because can't handle your duties in responsible way but a civil war was created." 

"I agreed with your evaluation, Honorable Democrat, Your Kindness. And I know what I will have to do now." Mr. Chairman said. 

"But I honor our friendship, my grandfather teaches me to respect that friendship, and I also need a friend like you. So for your victory over the 9/11 States revolt and Civil War, I honored you as Chancellor Marshall of the Military Fleets and you will admitted into my social welfare council." Democrat said to Mr. Chairman. 

9/11 event made remarkable impact into the States cityzens forever. It's changed their lifestyle in different ways. It was pain forever to them. 9/11 made black spot and showed vulnerability of states. 

To be continued [...] 

Foundation and Development by Hatashe 


Foundation and Digital Bangladesh

-          Md. Hasanuzzaman Talukdar Shemul (Hatashe)
 Introduction: Foundation and Development – FND is an independent and reputed proprietorship based socioeconomic development & research oriented tradings organization in Bangladesh in capacity of Program Specialist and Adviser/Consultant Md. Hasanuzzaman Talukdar Shemul (Hatashe) as Proprietor of Foundation and Development (FND), it was founded in January 2017 and registered in September 2017.

Background: Bangladesh is one of fast growing developing countries in the world. Since the post-liberation war the independent Bangladesh has been made most magnificent on the infrastructural development, health, education, food, justice and technological development which forwarded our destination towards making a Digital Bangladesh. In the previous decade, Bangladesh successfully achieved MDGs and now Government of Bangladesh (GOB) along with many national & international development agencies, industrial & corporate companies, we are trying to achieve Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of United Nations. We should build a prosperous Digital Bangladesh wherever all kinds of technological facilities & rights will be ensured among the population of Bangladesh inbuilt fundamental human rights and livelihoods & utilities. Foundation and Development – FND, an independent and reputed Proprietorship based socioeconomic development & research oriented tradings organization in Bangladesh is one of those parts to contribute into collective social development of Bangladesh, in-order to create scope of work and available job opportunity for the generations is growing-up to work.

Particulars: Foundation and Development has well expertise & experience with skilled & sufficient resources along with partnership, membership & networking with different national & international agencies across the country as well as in the world.

The specific particulars of the FND are as bellow:
Mission: Socioeconomic development & research oriented tradings
Vision: Prosperous Digital Bangladesh
Goal: Create scope of work and available job opportunity
Objectives: To contribute in social development; conduct research on social, local, national, regional and global issues; tradings on contemporary trendings; community education, health, nutrition, HIV/AIDS, rights, justice, environment, consultation and advocacy.  
Official Language: Bengali and English
Mailing Address: Barovatra, Nanikhir-7911, Muksudpur, Gopalgonj, Bangladesh
Email Address:

Logo of the Foundation and Development – FND: 

 Seal of the Foundation and Development– FND: 

Explanation of Logo of FND: As star is visual glamour of the creation, icon to the human civilization and star can rightly guide to the stranger/sailor in darkness to find their direction & destiny, as same the Star symbol logo of the Foundation and Development (FND) represent that the Foundation will be rightly guided to the humanity has been fallen under social darkness & vulnerability at community to national & global level.

Foundation and Development (FND#01)

"It's the story of civilization of Foundation ever appeared in the creations which was begun during ending of Galactic Era (GE) and successfully be revelation full of Foundation Era (FE) that started by great Hari Seldon. 10 no. of Books of Foundation greatly described amazingly how greatly the sentient civilization can be improved. In the GE, it was said unimaginable & technological complexcity and non of new things of livelihood & utilities can be invent or discover, but Hari Seldon delivered Theory of Prediction and Mathematics of Psychohistory to predict the general course of future flow, he founded The Twin Foundation and F.E. begun. The 11th Book of Foundation is Foundation and Development, when Galactic Era is ancient history, Foundation Era passed away and born Development Era (DE). The Foundation Chronicles has been begun from 10th thousand D.E., from where it's focused to previous and to future. How you want to see & read the Development Era of Foundation and what is Foundation now? When you involved into the Foundation, you must realize and understand Foundation." 
- This Book of Foundation and Development's all contents, all materials, all hypothesis & theories and doctrine, and everything are properties of The Foundation and Development which has been published by the permission of it's copyright release authority Foundation Encyclopedia of Development. 

"I'm being sick gradually, Political Junta has been imposing force to me which appeared as harassment & torture to me. The situation is diverted into different motion that we didn't expect but more good ways I planned for." Duafex said. 
"Do you want to wait for a more while my friend?" Duafex's friend Sycina replied. 
"I've been waiting for year after years but nothing is improved but situation is going down everyday. I say, if there anything good would be produced, everyone will be it's beneficiaries but I can't understand the motive of the Junta." Duafex arrogant. 
"I made claim in media that the only Junta will be responsible for any civil or political war even for a kind of suffering of natural assault. But Junta is totally ignorance, fallen in barbarism and darkness. They directed the civilization in accordance their direction." Sycina added with Duafex. 

Duafex and Sycina both are very close friends to each others. One is their friend and another is their protection. 

To be continued [...] 

Foundation and Development by Hatashe